Update Registration Form                       

For academic, public and special libraries changing previously registered information . . . add, delete, alter ??????   (academic = 4 and 2 year colleges and universities)  

Elementary and secondary schools DO NOT use this form, go to School or School Update.

Fill in the library name and only the changed information and click the submit button.  This will automatically be filed at the Office of Library Network Services.   

NOTE: Arkansas State Library need to be aware of all changes, even if you have been in contact with the vendors.

Remember, DO NOT update with private IP number sequences that start like these:

10.xxx.xxx.xxx or 172.16.xxx.xxx or 192.168.xxx.xxx. 

Vendors will only accept public IP numbers.

* Mandatory Information

* Library Name

Use same name from existing registration.  If the name has been changed, list old name here and new name under Comments.

 NEW First Name  
 NEW Last Name  
* NEW E-Mail Address  
* City  
*Zip Code  
 Area Code  
 NEW Work Phone Number  
 NEW Fax Phone Number  

 Server Access: 

NEW Library IP Addresses; DHCP or Proxy Server [e.g. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]; Authentication Numbers*  


Note: You can print the confirmation form that appears after you click on submit.  

* As Integrated Library Systems create new access connections for servers through URLs, there may be other access numbers used beside IP numbers.



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