Update form for school that re-registered beginning April 24, 2009

Determining how to register your school?


Single School -- if your school has unique IP numbers

School Group -- if your school shares IP numbers within the school district, but not the entire district

School District -- if ALL the schools in your district share IP numbers.


Check the ADE directory for official school names and LEA numbers as well as schools listed in each school district.

Fill in the appropriate information on the form below and click the submit button. 

The information is automatically filed at the Office of Library Network Services.


ADE pays 16% of the cost of the databases in the Traveler Project.


  * Mandatory Information

*Location Name

Check the ADE page for your LEA number.





If more than one school shares IP numbers include the names below in Schools included field.

A school district listing must include all the schools in the district.

Individual School

(if the school does not have the same IP number(s) as any other school in the school district)  Example: Pine Bluff High School


School Group

(group of schools sharing IP numbers but does not include all the school in the school district) example: Emmet Schools (includes elementary and high school) part of Blevins School District


School District

(all the schools in the district must share the IP number range) Example:  Valley Springs School District  (includes Valley Spring Elementary School, Valley Springs Middle School and Valley Springs High School)


LEA Number:

For School Group, list the LEA number for contact person's school and others below.

Note: Private schools will be assigned an LEA number, simply put random in this space.


*Select Type

One selection only 

Do not register as a K-12 school unless you are officially listed as one.

Individual School:   
Primary School

Elementary School

Middle School

Junior High School

High School


Other Categories:

Educ. Cooperative    Other

School Group

School District

*Library Contact Person First Name  
*Library Contact Person Last Name  
*Library Contact Person E-Mail Address  
IT Contact Person First Name  
IT Contact Person Last Name  
IT Contact Person E-mail Address  
*Zip Code  
*Area Code Select correct area code  
*Library Contact Work Phone Number DO NOT repeat area code  
Library Contact Fax Phone Number DO NOT repeat area code  

Server Access:

IP ranges, DHCP or Proxy Server IP number, Referred URL, etc.


*Schools included:

Note: When listing school included in groups or districts, include the school LEA number with each name





Why IP number registration?

Database subscribers are recognized by the vendor servers through their computer IP numbers to provide seamless access.  Faculty and students will not be prompted for an ID and/or password as long as IP information is current. The numbers must be public IP numbers.  The Traveler user can supply a full range of numbers or a single IP number for the DHCP or Proxy server.  It must be a number or numbers that go beyond the firewall.

Private numbers cannot be used.  DO NOT register with any of these number sequences: or or 

Vendors will only accept public IP numbers.

Note: You can print the confirmation form that appears after you click on submit.  

* As Integrated Library Systems create new access information for servers through URLs, there may be other access numbers used beside IP numbers.


Have you registered for the Travelerdatabase list?